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Sit and stay awhile

I appreciate a collaboration and value freedom, expression beauty & community. I believe in connection above all else. I enjoy collaborating with businesses rooted in similar values.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s your niche?

I don’t base my niche on an industry, but my rather skills and our shared values. If we're not a good fit based on personality, the close working relationship required for my services just won't be a good fit.  I have worked with authors, designers, photographers, retail sales, coaches and healthcare workers.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! All my larger packages are set on a 50/25/25 payment plan.

How far in advance do you book coaching?

You should budget for a 2-4 week lead time from when we first make contact to when we start your project. I do my best to accommodate shorter turnarounds.

Why do you only offer one photography package?

specialize in brand shoots for personal brands & online business owners.  My brand shoots allow for several outfit & location changes so you have the best selection of photos to use across all platforms.  My goal is to have photos you won't tire of using before you actually need to shoot new ones.

I also partner with brands & shoot for online media.

What if I need additional photos?

I offer special by invitation, mini-shoots to existing clients.  We have already done all of the up-front prep during your initial shoot so this one is easy to jump right into.  

What if my home isn't photo-ready?

It's not about your home, you are the star of your photos.  All we need is a chair, stool, couch or even the floor to take brand worthy shots.  I have also had clients rent an airbnb for the shoot or an hourly studio space.  Either way, we will get great brand photos for you.

How far in advance do you book photoshoots?

It varies.  If you need them soon I'll do my best to accommodate yours schedule.  If you can, allow plenty of time to schedule your shoot & to receive the final images for use.

How do I join your membership?

This link will take you to our checkout page.

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