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Meet the New Selfie & the Ripple Effect of One Good Photo.

Updated: Jun 13

Selfies are so 2015 🤳🏼... Let's talk self-portraits instead.

If you're a business or a brand, you know the drill – Instagram, website updates, and the constant need for fresh photos can feel relentless. It’s a lot of pressure, especially if you dread being in front of the camera. But here's the thing: social media isn't going anywhere. It’s only becoming more integral to how we connect and thrive in the world.

Buh-Bye Selfies

I’ve been having an eye-opening conversation with you all about photos over on Instagram and the results aren't all that surprising. We have all the feelings and triggers around pictured of ourselves, particularly selfies. Here are a few of those responses.

  • "If I take them, I'm being self-centered and self-absorbed."

  • “Photos give me failure to launch. I dread them.”

  • “Every entrepreneur's nightmare.”

  • “I worry about my body, my face, my hair.”

  • "Who really wants to see my picture anyway?"

  • "Posting them feels like too much."

  • "Honestly? I judge other women for oversharing their photos.”

  • “I’m missing the photogenic gene.”

  • "What will my friends think?"

  • "I hate how I look in pics.”

  • “Posing for pictures feels so fake and cringe”

  • “I’m curvy. My last photographer fixated on hiding my belly. Worst experience yet.”

Can you relate?? These feelings are REAL. It's okay to feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, or even a little self-conscious. We've all been there. I've been there, feeling and experiencing every single one of these.

But what if photos weren't about vanity, but visibility?

Self-portraits aren't 2015 selfies, they are the ✨ New Selfie✨  They're a tool for self-discovery & unshakable confidence. Think of it as a mirror reflecting your journey, growth, and potential.

And the best part? One good photo can have a massive ripple effect on your confidence and how you show up in life.

Listen to Episode 22 of The Goldenbrand Podcast to learn:

  1. Understanding the Science: Our brain rejects unfamiliar images to protect us. Recognizing this helps us be more compassionate with ourselves.

  2. Rewiring for Confidence: The No More Bad Photos Method leverages neuroscience to rewire the brain, fostering self-acceptance and confidence.

  3. Addressing Envy & Societal Pressure: Modern society’s demand for photos can be overwhelming. Embracing our true image helps us navigate these pressures with ease.

  4. Community and Support: Sharing our journeys in supportive communities can significantly boost our confidence and self-love.

  5. The No More Bad Photos Method is more than a photography technique—it’s a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. By understanding the science behind our perceptions and embracing supportive communities, we can transform our relationship with photos and, ultimately, ourselves.

If you’re ready to take this journey, join the @thegoldenbrandco community. Let’s celebrate every part of who you are and transform how you see yourself, one photo at a time.


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