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The Client's Guide to Owning Your Photoshoot

Have you ever walked into a photoshoot brimming with excitement, only to leave feeling deflated and unsure what went wrong? You're not alone. Carrie, Jen, and Carly, three clients of mine, all shared a similar story. They hired photographers, trusted their expertise, yet ended up disappointed with the final results. The blame often falls on the client – feeling awkward, unphotogenic, or simply failing to communicate their vision effectively. But here's the truth: the current photography industry model has a gaping hole in client education.

This, my friends, is the revolution of client-empowered photoshoots.

The current model fails both clients and photographers. Clients feel frustrated and unsure, while photographers grapple with unrealistic expectations and unclear direction. It's a recipe for disappointment for everyone involved.

But here's the good news: there's a better way. By equipping clients with the knowledge and tools they need to shine in front of the camera, we can bridge this critical learning gap. This doesn't just benefit the client – it elevates the photographer's experience too. Imagine a client who walks in confident, with a clear vision and the ability to collaborate effectively. The photographer's job becomes more rewarding, fueled by clear communication and a shared creative vision.

client guide to owning your photoshoot

Empower Yourself for a Stellar Photoshoot:

Here are some key strategies to shift the energy and guarantee a successful photoshoot experience:

Pre-Shoot Prep: The Foundation of Confidence

  1. Unpack the Past: Don't repeat Carrie, Jen, and Carly's mistake! Analyze past photos you weren't thrilled with. What elements didn't resonate with you? Understanding the "misses" helps guide future success.

  2. Vision Board Bliss: Channel your inner creative director! Craft a mood board that reflects your desired outcome. Share it with your photographer during consultation – it becomes the roadmap for your shoot.

  3. Embrace Your Inner Powerhouse: Ditch the "hedgehog effect" – that tendency to shrink when a camera appears. We'll explore strategies to cultivate confidence and presence in front of the lens. Here's a quick tip – practice power poses in the mirror! Striking a confident posture for just a few minutes can significantly impact how you feel and project yourself during the shoot. Ready to ditch the awkward posing and show up authentically in your photos?  

On-Shoot Strategies: Owning Your Space

  1. Speak Up, Be Heard: Don't be afraid to communicate your preferences throughout the shoot. Feeling uncomfortable with a pose? Ask for an adjustment. Want to try something different? Absolutely!

  2. Become the Director (Lightly): Don't be afraid to gently adjust props or furniture to create a space you feel comfortable and confident in.

  3. Embrace Experimentation: This isn't open-heart surgery – it's a photoshoot! Have fun and experiment with different poses and expressions. The more relaxed and playful you are, the more natural and captivating your photos will be.

Remember: You are inherently photogenic. By owning your pre-shoot prep, embracing your power on set, and collaborating with your photographer, you'll transform your next photoshoot into an empowering experience that captures your true essence.  Let's rewrite the narrative –  together.


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