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The Art Of Self-Portrait: How To Shoot Photos Of Yourself

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I don’t believe that we have to keep looking outside of ourselves for answers. In fact, we have most likely overly integrated the very attributes we associate with feelings of not being…pretty enough, talented enough, creative enough, photogenic enough…worthy of a beautiful self portrait.

What if instead we focused on who we truly are, right now. In this very moment?⁣

⁣What would our new new definitions of ourselves look like then? How would it feel to start making that version familiar to us—putting that information into our brains instead of all the other junk?⁣

This is why I love self portraits—seeing the transformation that takes place when a woman truly sees herself, in this way, for the very first time.

I am not talking about airy fairy positive thinking here friends, I'm talking about truly reprogramming how your brain sees who you truly are and owning all of it. Taking that power back so you no longer second guess who you are, knowing your true face, learning the art of the self portrait and how to take beautiful photos of yourself.

Tech & Tools

To get the best results, use a tripod (camera or phone) with wireless remote shutter or self-timer. If you don't have a tripod, click here to see the innovative ideas I have used in my own photoshoots.

Shoot with natural light

When shooting indoors, position yourself by a window, ideally with the light source directly in front of you. If you’re outside avoid harsh direct sunlight and instead head for shade or wait for some cloud cover to avoid squinting into the sun.

If you’re shooting around your house, find some interesting shadows on walls and experiment with their shapes. Wine glass and flower shadows always make for a great photo. Golden hour is every photographer’s dream – if you’re after that beautiful soft dreamlike glow, get outside with your camera a few hours before sunset. It’s basically magic.

Focus on a feature

You don’t always have to get your whole body in frame when you’re shooting self-portrait. The real beauty of self-portrait is in capturing your true ‘self’ and our hands and eyes are the best storytellers. Try standing relatively close to the camera and reaching out a hand towards the lens for an arty editorial vibe or shoot a close up of your eye looking straight into the lens. You can then make a 9 x9 collage of your self-portrait best bits – a little bit of you in each square. Another tip is to place a small mirror on the bed and capture a detail such as a necklace or a frilly sleeve.

Are you going to try shooting your own portraits? Connect with me here and let me know how you get on.


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