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How to Plan the Perfect Brand Photoshoot in 5 easy steps

Updated: May 24

Today’s branding shoots are more than just hiring a photographer, picking a pretty outfit, and showing up. The best brand shoots are a perfect blend of pretty and productive. Moxie + Marketing if you will. Taking the time to plan the perfect brand shoot can be a challenge. But you’re in luck because I have been photographing entrepreneurs and personal brand for years and have just the right steps you need to take to plan your perfect brand photoshoot in 5 steps.


So often, we post spontaneously and thoughtlessly on social media with no real thought to how it plays out with our brand. But having a strategy and purpose behind posting is one of the best things you can do for your marketing. And having an arsenal of well-crafted, purposeful images at you ready is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are posting regularly and with intention. Well-thought out brand images are one of the easiest ways to communicate what your brand stands for–what are the things that, when you take your service or product away, you want to be known for. When people see you website or social media feed, what do they see? Do they see calm, ambition, creativity? How do they feel? Bottom line, emotions are the driving forces behind people buying. You need to make your audience feel something with every post and every photo. Our Ultimate Brand Photo Shoot Checklist is the perfect Masterclass in brand shoot planning. And it's free to download here.

How to Plan the Perfect Brand Shoot

Someone has to be the face of your business and that someone is you. You know there is a golden nugget of truth in that statement, it's why you are here reading this blog post, curious about what your brand will look like in photos. I see you friend.

It’s time to stop hiding. Becoming the face of your brand is about stepping up and trusting yourself to increate trust in your brand. To be more transparent and to show the world how much you LOVE what you do. And it's that easy.

I recommend my clients plan two brand shoots per year because that influx of fresh, updated images not only allows your audience to feel more connected to you, it allows them to be a part of your brand experience, to become your biggest fans.


Planning the perfect brand shoot is more than just hiring a photographer, picking a pretty outfit, and showing up. The best brand shoots are a perfect blend of pretty and productive. Moxie + Marketing if you will. Here are 5 steps I use to make that happen.


I recommend hiring a photographer who shoots with pretty + purpose in mind. This is what sets a brand photographer apart from other photography genres like lifestyle and portrait photography. A great brand photographer will talk to you about your values, goals, and all the things that go into branding, and then help you come up with a plan for your photography, that supports your business marketing objectives. Working in this way will not only saved you time but it will also give you a well-developed plan of action.

To do this on your own, ask yourself these 5 questions:

What parts of my personality can I infuse into the shoot?

What emotions do I want to evoke?

What story do I want to tell?

What is my current brand and how can I stay true to that during the shoot?

Who are my ideal clients and what type of images are they drawn to?


After you have decided what story you want to tell with your shoot, start working on that mood board. Stay true to the visual aspect of your brand and start pulling in images that evoke the emotion you want to tell with your shoot. Share this mood board with your collaborators so everyone can have an understanding of what you are looking for.

Download my free Ultimate Guide to Mood Boards to help you get started today.


Your next step is to find your dream team of vendors to work with.

When looking at hiring a photographer, make a list of photographer’s who have work that aligns with your aesethic and your brand. Do you want digital or film images? What editing style are you drawn to? Really think through who you are hiring so your images match your brand. Obviously, your photographer is a very important part of this process but there are other vendors to consider as well. Think about hiring hair and makeup artists to ensure you feel the most beautiful and confident.


The next step is to make a list of locations for your shoot that are on brand and don’t have too many distractions. Find out about any location fees that you must pay, permits, or other requirements. Most importantly, think about your story. What locations add to the story you are trying to tell? All of my brand photography sessions are shot remotely in a client's home or a rented studio. This is the perfect option for you if your space strongly reflects your brand!


As you refer back to the stories you wish to tell with your brand shoot, think about what details should be included to elevate that story. What subtle, or not so subtle, touches could you include to tie your story together? Don't use props as a crutch, use them lightly. When in doubt try it without. My sessions are about YOU, not your favorite coffee mug.

In terms of clothing, what textures fit the aseathtic and help tell your story? What clothing represents the level of clientele you’re trying to attract. Some of my favorite shoots were with clients in bare feet, jeans, and a white tee. They feel good, so the photos look amazing.

Begin to Plan the Perfect Brand Shoot Today

It is time to tell your story. People want to know they can trust you.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have strong boundaries about what (and who) you put on social media, but it does mean you must consider, at minimum, putting your face out there. Need more convincing? Photos with faces get 38% more interaction than those without. In today’s world, people are looking for connection, emotion, and trust. And the best way you can do this is through showing your face with perfect branding photos.

Get your FREE Ultimate Brand Photography Checklist masterclass here!

Do you want to go deeper into The Goldenbrand? With more moxie and more gumption? Come listen to The Goldenbrand Podcast and binge your way to an unforgettable brand.


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