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How to grow your brand quickly

How to Grow Your Brand Quickly

You want to grow your brand quickly, right?  Ideally, in addition to growth you want to make your business scalable also.  What’s the difference?  Growth means your sales increase in proportion to your costs.  Scaling is when your business has more diversifies sales but your costs remain the same, or close to it.  Sounds great right?

So what is holding your back from scaling your business and experiencing real growth?  I am guessing it is you.

Here’s why you need to learn to ask for help - to grow your brand

I am going to br very direct with you and shed light on why you are stuck with small sales and brand growth numbers.  Your fear of asking for help could be what is holding you back from saying yes to more opportunity.  This is especially true if you have already been in business for sometime.  Feeling like asking for help would mean admitting you are an imposter, that you will appear incompetent, weak or worse…what if your customers found out that you are actually human? Ack I know the feeling!

Every new entrepreneur, creative, blogger, content creator, and coach has felt this way at some point.

Often the hardest part of asking for help is not knowing exactly what you need help with. You fear wasting your invested time, and money asking for help, when you aren’t even sure what you are asking for.  

Here’s the thing, it’s not your job to know. 

An example, your best friend is an expert at seeing through your ranting and sobbing to address what is really going on, and hold you accountable while being empathetic right?  Duh, of course!, she’s amazing like that. 

It's not your job to know everything. You are the visionary of your brand, not the accountant

Working with an expert in your industry is exactly the same idea.  It is their job to know why your business isn’t working.  They are the experts at identifying confusing messaging, refining your offers and refreshing areas that are ideal sales makers for your specific business. Asking for help is actually a lot less like admitting defeat, and more like handing the steering wheel to someone who is an expert driver.  Wouldn’t it be nice to let someone else sit in the driver’s seat for while while you sit back and bask in the benefits?

I understand how difficult it is for you to take the next step, asking for help.  I have been in your exact position, as a life long entrepreneur.

Rest assured, I am excellent at what I do.  I’ve got this for you!

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Hi, I’m Lisa!  I help business owners build their personal brand by teaching them how to launch, grow and monetize their online business by focusing specifically on messaging, audience building, and choosing the right platforms.  After coaching dozens and dozens of business owners, I have realized they need additional support as the leaders of their business, with tips for motivation and personal development.  Let’s work together!  Book a call

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