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6 Questions to Ask New Clients Before Working Together

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I personally feel that success comes from how well you vibe with your client. Getting to know your client (and their business) during the onboarding stage helps to establish where you can help them most in their journey and if you are a good fit to work together. It’s so important to ask the right questions so both parties know what the common expectations and goals are before jumping right in.

If you include these 6 questions in your onboarding process, you’ll be golden.

1. HOW DOES SUCCESS LOOK TO YOU? This gives me insight into a client's overall vision and mostly importantly - do they know what they really want? If not, then I know that's where our work together needs to begin or if they need some foundational clarity before working together.. 2. WHAT STAGE IS YOUR BUSINESS IN? This determines if a client is a good fit for a particular service. Do their goals align with the deliverables of that program or would another option be a better fit for them. This is key for me because if I am not the right person to help them, I can direct them to someone who is. 3. LIST MAIN AREAS OF YOUR BUSINESS YOU WOULD LIKE TO FOCUS ON

This gives me a sense, again of where they are in their business journey. Some are able to articulate clearly they want to focus on marketing, strategy, or confidence. Others can only describe feelings of frustration, confusion and a desire for a clear plan. Again this tell me where our work together will begin. 4. WHAT SERVICES ARE YOU INTERESTED IN? If they already did their homework and are familiar with my packages, this can be a good indicator they have an understanding of their needs and are serious about making the commitment to work with me.

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5. WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ME? This lets you get down to the nitty-gritty. What is the reason they want to hire a Brand and Business Strategist? Maybe they like my design style, align with my values, or maybe a friend told them how transformational working with me was. It’s always good to give some tips and insight on what package would work best for their business! 6. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME? This can truly benefit you by seeing where most of your prospective clients find you. If your clients mostly find you on Instagram – then optimize your Instagram! By asking these 6 simple, yet important questions you will be able to determine whether if you’re a good fit for working together. You never know, it could lead you to working with your dream client! At the end of the day – it all comes down to trusting yourself (and your gut), but knowing how to ask the right questions will be pivotal to the success of your success.

Let's work together to build out your unique brand experience!


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