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3 Ways to Level up Your Brand in 2021

You are ready for higher-paying clients, more retail sales, and better opportunities for collaboration. Let’s make sure your business is ready for these upgrades with these 3 simple ways to level up your brand for 2021.

Up-leveling your business in 2021, from new aesthetics, a new website, or adding services, means you will ultimately attract a new type of client. Keep in mind redefining your branding has a domino effect on your business. When you change one element, it is necessary to take a moment to reevaluate all aspects of your business. From your client profile to your customer experience, and your business systems. This is where you will start, to level up your brand for 2021.

Level up Your Ideal Target Audience, Like Your Success Depends on it

You’ve heard it a million times but have you done it? Have you taken 10 minutes to sit down and name your ideal audience, the people you want to reach? Who is the target audience that will open their wallets and invest in your brand?

Even the best, most beautiful design is worthless and won’t attract people you want, if you don’t ask yourself who do I want to attract and what do I want them to do?

Level up Your Brand by Aiming to Attract Clients Who Are Ready to Spend More With You. So, in Addition to Knowing Who They Are (see above paragraph), You Must Also Know How They Differ From Your Existing Clients. Do They Have a Different Mindset When It Comes to Investing in Themselves? Are They at a Different Stage of Business Than Your Previous Customers? Are these new customers more Attracted to Luxury Brands?

Level up Your 2021 Brand Experience

Now that you’re clear about who your new target audience is, you’ll need to make sure your brand experience is welcoming for them and encouraging them to interact with your brand.

From the very first contact with your brand, you’ll want to captivate them and stay memorable. Sometimes, this first contact is a Pinterest Pin or a blog post. Sometimes, it’s your business card or Instagram profile. It all needs to work well together and consistently build your branding experience.

Your inquiry forms, the way you handle orders, and even package your products or services needs to be in line with what your brand stands for and what’s important to your clients too.

Your customer experience is where you show your brand values and level. Are you proud of the way you work with your clients and customers? Is buying from you easy and pleasant? Do they feel how you want them to feel when they’re in contact with your brand?

Make sure the entire experience is consistent, helps you stay memorable and WOW’s your clients to the point they want to rave about your brand to all of their friends.

Your brand experience may be leveled up by beautiful proposals and contracts, product and shop pages, packaging, media kits, newsletters, and more.

Level up Your Business Systems

So you’ve attracted better-paying clients, your customer experience is top-notch, you are finally experiencing more sales and more interest in your brand in general – but are you equipped to easily handle it all?

When you have an inbox full of emails you can’t keep up with, numerous inquiries you cannot handle yourself, or overly complex, manual process you are NOT setting yourself up for success. You need replicable systems in place before you can successfully scale your brand. Click here for advice on how to scale your business quickly.

“If I had six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first four sharpening my saw” – Abraham Lincoln

Ideally you want to be less busy while also being more productive, correct? I help my clients automate and off-load busy-work. You know, the stuff that generates little income but keeps you feeling unproductive. With this off their plate, they can spend more time creating and doing what they love best about their business. Together, we have streamlined thousands of inbound emails, client inquiries, and social media content. I love finding just the right tools to do the job for you.

One of my clients’ absolute favorite time-saving tools is my Golden Presets for Lightroom. 14 drop-dead gorgeous photography presets for Lightroom desktop and mobile. With quick two-step photo editing, they make social media and website content production a breeze while giving your brand a cohesive look and feel. Plus, they are now on sale!


1. Brand VIP Intensive: 4-hour intensive strategy session with Lisa.


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