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Personal Branding Photography For NYC Prop Stylist Robin Zachary

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In a recent brand photography session, I had the pleasure of capturing the talented Style Maker and Prop Stylist, Robin Zachary. Our goal was to showcase Robin in her prop studio, surrounded by her beloved pieces. I must say, working with Robin and her studio was an absolute dream.

The abundance of natural light pouring into the room created a beautiful and airy atmosphere, elevating the overall feel of the photographs. As I directed Robin through various poses, her radiance filled every shot, adding a touch of warmth and refinement to the images. Robin's love for her craft truly shines through in each frame. It's evident in the intricate details of her carefully curated props and the passion she exudes when discussing her work. The photographs captured her in her element, effectively portraying her dedication and talent.

To complement the soft and golden natural light, Robin incorporated hints of pink into the composition. This gentle touch added a feminine and elegant feel to the images, further highlighting Robin's refined style. The combination of the soft colors with the warm glow creates an inviting visual experience.

We worked together the month prior to curate the specific look, feel, and shot list for her session. A few days before the remote photography shoot we met again to go over the final props and locations in her studio for each shot. I love shooting in a small studio like hers, it's so fun to create endless variety and to really maximize a space.

Enjoy the images! xoxo Lisa

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