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A Golden Brand Course

The only course you need to feel truly confident on camera, online & in your business. 

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I'm Lisa

Brand Expert // Business Coach // Photographer

Yes-that's a lot of titles, but I actually do it all. True to my human design as a Generator, I never sit still for very long, love to bootstrap a good idea & have a knack for seeing what others miss.

Also, let’s get this clear: I’m not like  other people online who say they’re experts, but really only know one way of doing things (aka, the way that worked for them). This isn’t about teaching you a business-in-a-box fix, but using proven and replicable strategies to create magic that works for you...every time.

let's break some rules

What makes me different? I don’t rely on trendy frameworks - we figure out what works best for you. You won't find me using tactics designed to make you feel behind or advice like you aren’t hitting your goals because you aren’t high vibe enough (don’t worry—I’ve been there). I see what is missing, and help you find it. What we create together is real and actionable and entirely custom to you.

Over the years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs in all kinds of businesses. They are a diverse group with a common drive to make an impact, achieve their goals, and live by their definition of success.


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